Author: Melanie Coppola

KELLOGG’S: new flavour to tradition

Kellogg’s (K) is one of the chief brands of the American food sector, in fact its foundation dates back to 1906. KELLOGG’S: a Café to grow The company, with headquarters in Battle Creek, supplies at most food for breakfast, and it has always tried to reinvent its products, although working in a sector considered as progressively less cyclical and innovative. Over its long life, it has been growing thanks to both the continuous creation of new products and the acquisition of external companies, such as Keebler Company in 2001 and Pringles in 2012. Following its distinctive philosophy, on 4...

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Ordinary story of a trader

Never celebrate too much a victory, never cry too much after a defeat. The light after the dark I always quote this sentence during live sessions of the Trading Club, and it’s not much different from what famous football trainers have often declared in some interviews. Sir Alex Ferguson, former coach and manager of the Manchester United, even after exciting victories, always told his players that they had nearly an hour to enjoy the moment because after that they had to think about the next match. In my opinion, this approach, this mentality many sports winners show, could and...

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ENVESTNET: 2 strategies to make a profit

Envestnet (Ticker: ENV) is an American company, with headquarters in Chicago, founded in 1999 by Jud Bergman, current CEO, and Bill Crager, the current president. NYSE quotation dates back to July 2010, when the first negotiations started at $9 per share. ENVESTNET: the reason why I’m optimistic I always hunt for new stocks to analyse and trade, sometimes to speculate and sometimes to invest on a wider time frame. Today I’m going to describe a very interesting stock, Envestnet, whose singular features caught my attention and make its shares suitable for investments. Envestnet supplies software for financial promoters and...

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Brexit Referendum – What we settled in response

Last session of the Trading Club, which we invited our whole Community to, we talked about how to get benefit from a more than predictable increase in volatility, following the referendum that took place yesterday. In details, we decided to buy VXX ETF shares. We buy live 100 shares at $14.73 (for a global commission of $0.22), setting a take profit at $17 (to be removed in case of a potential explosion today) and a stop loss at $13.16.     Plus, we decided also to set a purchases strategy, always motivated by a rise in volatility, not only...

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Brexit: What is it and what can we expect from the results of the vote

Summer is about to begin and this year will start with one of the most relevant event of the last decade for Europe and the whole world. I’m talking about the Brexit referendum and the consequences of the vote. BREXIT: a Clearer Portrait Before any personal observation, it’s important to analyse the forces playing this round. With this term, Brexit – which is composed by Britain and exit -, we indicate the potential decision of British people to leave the European Union, with which the partnership has never been particularly brilliant since British people decided not to adopt the...

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