Author: Matteo Anelli

CAT: Short to long term opportunity

Non-directional strategy on Caterpillar (CAT).
CAT: short to long term
Today we talk about this stock in terms of a bullish long-term vision that may evolve in a medium long-term trend.
Looking at this short-term chart, we can see that a bullish “head and shoulders” pattern has been taking place and it’s now completing, unless markets live a reversal. A shy fall to area 70 – 70.5 may indicate a good opportunity for going long, but with a close stop loss that doesn’t exceed the lows in area 69. Level 73.5, surpassed last week – 02/06- , can identify the beginning of the bullish trend and, despite the low volumes, can suggest a non-directional strategy in options, in this case trading PUTS.

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ALIBABA: Transaction volumes frighten traders

Definitely, it’s not a good time for companies of technology sector. After the earnings, both Alphabet (Ticker: GOOGL) and Apple (Ticker: AAPL) have seen their quotation falling due to below-expectation data.
How can this situation affect Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (Ticker: BABA)?

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Invest in the Healthcare sector: Option Trading Strategy

Analysing what happened during last Friday Wall Street session, money seems to be moving towards a sector that, until a few days ago, had one of the worst performances of the last two months. We are talking about the Health Care sector and we are going to focus on its most representative ETF, the SPDR Select Sector XLV. Click for Option Trading Strategies.

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TESLA: Option Trading Strategy

Tesla is a difficult stock to evaluate but often gives interesting opportunities.
The strategy we are going to propose today aims to profit from what seems a drop in the bullish stock such as 204$-205$.
Attention, if stock regained strength above this area and , above all, around 240$, a bear call can be placed here, for example:

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Welcome to the “News into Profit” Blog

Dear Readers, Welcome to the “News into profit” financial blog which will help you turn world news into actual profit. We will first look at a piece of news which is currently ongoing in the world and at the end we will relay a strategy on how you can capitalise on it. This blog is for free and is here to promote an understanding of how individuals can take advantage of the financial markets. Many people have certain views on how their country, the world, or certain products will develop in the future, but are unsure how to make...

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