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CAT: Short to long term opportunity

Non-directional strategy on Caterpillar (CAT).
CAT: short to long term
Today we talk about this stock in terms of a bullish long-term vision that may evolve in a medium long-term trend.
Looking at this short-term chart, we can see that a bullish “head and shoulders” pattern has been taking place and it’s now completing, unless markets live a reversal. A shy fall to area 70 – 70.5 may indicate a good opportunity for going long, but with a close stop loss that doesn’t exceed the lows in area 69. Level 73.5, surpassed last week – 02/06- , can identify the beginning of the bullish trend and, despite the low volumes, can suggest a non-directional strategy in options, in this case trading PUTS.

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Today’s inspiration refers to a strategy based on Facebook (FB) which will make you benefit from rising volatility. The strategy is related to the purchase of a Broken Iron Condor.
For the last 40 days Facebook has remained almost range-bound in a very limited area, fairly 2%, which can be considered as a real anomaly for such a capitalized stock. Furthermore, a very good indication to set a debit Iron Condor is given by volatility which, as you can see from the chart below, results to be below zero.

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BLACKBERRY: ripening…again!

Blackberry has a sad story behind the scenes, from being a mobile phones and high level customer leader company, at the end of 2000, to an abandoned brand that nobody wants anymore. But often the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

BLACKBERRY: ripening… again!
Analysing the quotations, we can easily notice how markets have played against this company, leading from $150 in 2008 to current $6,8.

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P&G: Bullish Option Opportunity

Today we are going to analyse Procter & Gamble’s stock (Ticker: PG); this multinational company, leader in Consumer Goods sector, was born in 1837 and has its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
PROCTER & GAMBLE: American innovation Europe branded
P&G was founded in 1837 by two Europeans migrated to the USA: William Procter and James Gamble.

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LOWE’S: Retail option opportunity

Lowe’s Company (Ticker: LOW) is an American company that operates in the sector of retail home improvement with headquarters in North Carolina.
Its fundamental and technical situation, together with macro-economic news which currently influence the whole sector, suggests to invest on options.

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TWITTER: Get ready, get set, time to take off!

Twitter hasn’t exploded yet but we think it has a great potentiality. Although not announced yet, the agreement signed with NFL (National Football League in America) to transmit 10 live streaming football matches directly on the social media. It’s an effort to evolve, don’t you think? We think so.

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REAL ESTATE ready for a growth

Stock market seems to be ready for a pullback but suddenly Real Estate sector comes into play with its ETF IYR.
REAL ESTATE ready for a growth
By looking at this chart, we can notice how the ETF has been growing up to 19% since last February lows and positioning in area $78-$79.

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MICROSOFT: benefit from stock

Monday closure showed a rise but on Tuesday market was pushed again downwards, presenting also a bearish lows and highs configuration that indicated a further decrease, confirmed today at opening.
From market’s weakness let’s move to one of the most famous companies in the world which currently reflects such a weak position, Microsoft (Ticker: MSFT).

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