Kellogg’s (K) is one of the chief brands of the American food sector, in fact its foundation dates back to 1906.

KELLOGG’S: a Café to grow

The company, with headquarters in Battle Creek, supplies at most food for breakfast, and it has always tried to reinvent its products, although working in a sector considered as progressively less cyclical and innovative.

Over its long life, it has been growing thanks to both the continuous creation of new products and the acquisition of external companies, such as Keebler Company in 2001 and Pringles in 2012.

Following its distinctive philosophy, on 4 July, American Independence Day, Kellogg’s opened its first Café in New York, showing the world, another time, its ability of restyling itself.

After seeing food chain opening pizzas, cafés and pubs, we come across a different, ambitious idea that could bring interesting surprises.

The opening of this first pilot location in Time Square may be the first step before a wider expansion over the American market and not only.


Technical Point of View

The company quotations show a solid structure that allows prices to go from initial $25, 15 years ago, to current $80.



We can notice how the announcement of the opening, which underlines the decision of the company to change look, has caused a violent rise of nearly 15 points, after last 30 June.



To sum up

I’m going to pay attention to the technical evolution of prices after this sudden psychological movement. It will be amazing to see how things go and, as soon as I travel to New York, I will taste the new Café and find out whether it works or on the way to fail.

Many are sceptic but all businesses are constituted primarily by people, and people often make the difference.



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